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8 tips to help you write the winning motivation letter

27 July 2016

A motivation letter is one of the essentials considered during an application to a UK university and a very good opportunity to distinguish your portrait out of others. Potentially, student with better grades can miss a seat if his motivation letter shows less interest.

It is crucial to demonstrate confidence and a positive persona within your letter; also, your application will be rejected immediately if plagiarism is detected. The normal duration for completion of a motivation letter (with careful attention to detail) is 2 weeks.

Below are eight proven tricks for writing a motivational letter, which will help you portray and deliver the right impression to the admission board for a British Institute.

  1. Explain the reason why you have chosen particular institution for your study, the UK itself and learn as much about the institute as possible to look good.
  2. Describe why you are interested in the subject i.e. what contests attended relating to the subject and literature you have learned or classes visited etc.
  3. Tell about other interests, which will portray an image of an extraordinary person on journey that can bring new things to the institution.
  4. Write about your career plans i.e. if you had experience in the major you wish to study that will be a big advantage.
  5. It is also important to mention your personal qualities such as teamwork, quick studying, and time management that you have earned during the projects you were part of.
  6. Double check your letter several times and let others who are good at English check the grammar and ideas etc.
  7. Always be truthful in your letter as lie may be recognized during the interview. Do not use slang or casual drafts.
  8. Follow the rules of motivation letter, for example, the number of letters / word count should not be exceeded.

We hope this information will help you to understand what is required or a motivational letter.

We wish you the best of luck in studying in the UK!

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