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Medical service of foreign students in the UK

29 July 2016

It is common knowledge that in order to study properly you have to be healthy; that is why it is important to be aware of the standard rules of medical services in the country you are going to study.

In the UK medical services are provided by the government’s NHS (National Health System). Free medical assistance at a hospital is available for students whose courses are longer than 6 months.

In order to visit a doctor, you must register at your nearest GP (General Practitioner) as an NHS patient. Registration can take from several days to several weeks; it is therefore imperative that you register at your earliest opportunity so that urgent medical treatment can be sort as and when you may need.

In case you have no registration with a GP then you can find help at a 24-hour walk-in-center.

Medical treatment for infections such meningitis, acute dysentery, malaria is provided free for all including foreigners.

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