Rufat Hamidov
Tashkent, Uzbekistan. MSc Financial Markets & Derivatives, London Metropolitan University
After the graduation I launched my career at Deloitte Consulting, advising the world’s biggest and systemically important financial institutions
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Tatyana Bystrushkina

Tatyana Bystrushkina

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

University of St Andrews, MSc, Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics

Why have you decided to study in the UK?

— UK Education is considered one of the best in the world. Additionally, I am a Chevening Scholar- the UK government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders. According to Chevening scholarship I could apply to three universities of my choice and if accepted UK FCO would cover all the expenses and additionally pay me a stipend.

Why have you chosen given specialisation and given educational institution?

— Several years ago, I have realized that I want to build my career in international development and extend my work experience outside Uzbekistan. Additionally, I have realized that energy efficiency, climate change and environment is something I would want to do. I have realized it when was writing my dissertation about solar energy when was studying MA International Business Management in Westminster University in Tashkent. According to different ratings, University of St Andrews is in the top in the UK. For example, it ranks #3 after Oxbridge in the University League Table 2018 ( with Sustainable Development school ranked #1 in the country. Additionally, I have several friends in the development who are graduates of this school. That’s how I have made my choice. Additionally, University of St Andrews is very responsive to all requests and prior to applying I was able to receive answers to all questions I had.

What do you remember the most about studying in the UK?

— Lessons learned. Studying in UK means a lot of self discipline. We are used to teachers to «spoon feed» us. In the UK, the teachers are good, but they are there only to give you direction. It is always your choice what you do. Also, I have learned that in the UK education system there is no " right" and " wrong". You are right as long as you provide strong argument to support your point of view. That is very important to develop critical thinking and independent individuals. Of course I had a chance to participate at lectures of the best scientists e.g. famous World Bank economist Kirk Hamilton — the author of the " Changing wealth of nations" or Nick Hanley, former WB economist and leading expert in environmental economics was regularly giving lectures to us.

From experience of living in the UK. First, people are very polite, friendly and supportive. Remember when the first days when I just arrived to St Adrews I was walking in the town with a map. And every time I got stuck there was somebody to stop and ask if I am OK and if I need help.

Second, for this year my values have changed. I started to value simple things like enjoying good weather, travel which is very affordable. UK is very close to Europe and with cheap coasters it is very easy to travel.

I learned how citizens here attentive to saving scarce resources, e.g. they safe drinking water, recycle trash, use sustainable transport. This is something citizens of our country need to learn.

How did your studies help you so far?

— I have developed research and analytical skills and now I know where I move next in my career path.

What will you advise to students who would like to apply for Chevening scholarship?

— Chevening is highly competitive scholarship but it is real chance to get education from the best universities in the world. I have got it from the first attempt. The competition is merit. I would highly recommend to use this chance and apply.

What would you like to advise future students who would like to study in the UK?

— Definitely go for studying in the UK. In addition to first class education, it is a great chance to meet fellows from all over the world. Also I recommend to join different societies and go for extracurricular activities. For example, during this year St Andrews postgraduate society has organized trips all over the Scotland. If possible, do internship related to your field of study and volunteer work as it will be a good addition to your CV and will help you get connections in the field you would potentially would want to work.

Chevening Scholarship award

Chevening Scholarship award, with Her Mejesty’s Ambassador to Uzbekistan.

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